Lighting Knowledge

Beam Angle Chart

Beam diameter chart for various lenses.

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General Fixture Info

Fixture general information such as type, amps, wattage, fixture weight, lamp type.

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Gobo Size Chart

Metal and glass gobo chart with size, gobo diameters and gobo image diameter.

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Fixture Lamp Life

Fixture lamp life, lamp type and colour temperature.

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VL2500 Standard
Patterns And Filters

VL2500 standard patterns, static gobos, dichroic filters, rotating gobos.

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VL3000 Standard
Patterns And Filters

VL3000 standard patterns, dichroic filters and gobo wheel.

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VL3500 Standard
Patterns And Filters

VL3500 Spot standard patterns, dichroic filters & gobo wheel.

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Altman Lens Size
To Beam Angle Chart

Altman 360Q Lens size to beam degree chart.

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Lee To Rosco

Lee to Rosco equivalents filter number. (roscolux, supergel e-colour)

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Case Size And

Splitbeam case sizes, weights, types and volumetric weight.

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Splitbeam Power

Splitbeam power triangle to calculate amps and watts.

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Lighting Cable Wiring

A reference chart for the standard wiring of all Splitbeam Lighting Cable.

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Wybron Scroller Colors

A handy diagram of how to work out your Amperage draw.

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More Useful Information

Source 4 Photometric Calculator

ETC Source 4 photometric calculator assists in selecting the correct beam angle.

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