We fulfil staffing requirements as well, including systems technicians for safe installation and dismantle, operators for the duration of your event and maintenance technicians for service and technical support.

If your requirement is broader than that, take advantage of our Technical Director Service. We can handle all the technical and logistical aspects of your production for you from the planning stages to completion; liaising on your behalf with designers and venues, generating technical schedules, compiling your technical riders, drawings and budgets, sourcing your rental quotes, handling the shipping documentation for the import/export of sets and costumes, overseeing your set construction, collating your lighting, av and audio packages, booking transport and equipment and hiring crew on your behalf.

All our services can be tailored to your needs - whether you need assistance from the first load-in to the last load-out of your international tour or just need to safely move your show from one local city to the next.

In short, leave the “nuts and bolts” of your production to us so that you can concentrate on the rest.

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